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Viscar provides specialized services in Technical Staff Resourcing. We aim to alleviate the burden and complexities of recruitment, resource management and development from the employer, while at the same time ensuring high staff productivity.

Our highly specialized technical recruitment model, helps corporates acquire competent and qualified technical resources.  We provide both short term and permanent employment options and have developed a tried and tested working model tailored to bridge identified skill gaps to ensure the organization gets greater value and productivity from employees. 

Why Partner with Viscar

At Viscar, our clients are assured of:

  • Customized Business Solutions
  • Competent consultancy and partnership
  • Specialized and experienced resources
  • Unique approach and methodology in our process and first turn around time.

The Viscar Model and Approach:


Psychometric Assessments

These are scientific assessments used to measure an individual’s competencies (skills, ability and personality) and are unique to different professions’ respective positions. During the recruitment and selection process, they are often used to match potential candidates to a pre-set criterion.

The tests main advantage is that they are structured to be objective and unbiased as the utilize standardized methods of assessments and  candidates are assessed with the same questions and instructions for completing them. 

They are also used by individuals to find out about their strengths, potential areas of development and as a guide to personal career development.

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