Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) Foundation Certification Training

ITIL Overview

The tech industry is constantly changing, making it difficult to stay current with the latest trends. It can also be difficult to know: when something is just a fad versus something that will be around for a while. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is one of the few things that is an established entity within the IT Service Management (ITSM) field. The standard framework, or the set of best practices, has become the need of the hour for IT professionals involved in IT services and IT management

ITIL is the most widely accepted foundation framework, a set of practices, used by companies to manage IT services. It provides the structure to manage and deliver different services so that users have a consistent experience. The ITIL practices help achieve good quality service and also helps overcome difficulties that may crop up in the development of IT systems. Many international companies like the Microsoft, IBM, Caterpillar and Boeing among others, have benefited from the successful implementation of ITIL in their IT service management.

Value of ITIL to Organizations

There are a multitude of reasons as to why more and more organizations are adopting the ITIL framework. Through ITIL, organizations are able to approach service delivery more professionally and hence be able to ensure customer satisfaction. This results in improved ROI of IT. Moreover, by implementing ITIL, the IT departments in an organization have greater visibility of IT costs and assets which further help in better asset utilization and reduced hidden costs that result in substantial increase in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Apart from these very direct benefits, ITIL also helps in improved delivery of third party services through its specifications. It reduces the cost of training as more and more professionals are ITIL certified. Implementation of ITIL has also resulted in the improved morale of service delivery and reception staff. This has indirectly translated itself to increased staff retention and increased competence and productivity of IT staff.

Value of ITIL for Individuals

Gaining the certification has many advantages. It validates your ability and knowhow to implement the framework in your organization for maximized benefits. Apart from this, the certification enables professionals to speak the common language that is understood by IT professionals globally. It also creates a common understanding between your organization’s IT staff, suppliers, contractors, and users within the business. It, therefore, creates a common approach and language towards IT services.

ITIL is one of the most sought-after certifications by IT professionals today. Also, more recruiters are looking for ITIL qualified professionals, owing to the beneficial advantages that this certification has to offer in the stream of IT Services Management. Right from IT Project Support professionals to CIOs, people at multiple levels of an organization benefit hugely from the various ITIL certifications. Candidates, depending on their experience and expertise, can build on their career and best utilize an ITIL certification that boosts their performance in IT Services Management.

ITIL Foundation Course Overview

This is the entry level qualification which offers a general awareness of the key elements and concepts used in the ITIL service lifecycle. It sets the baseline for understanding the move to an IT service management model. Candidates will gain a basic understanding of what ITIL is and how it is implemented in the workplace.

ITIL Foundation Course Outline

• Service management as a practice.
• The ITIL service lifecycle.
• Generic concepts and definitions.
• Key principles and models.
• Selected processes and selected functions.
• Selected Roles.
• Technology and architecture.
• Competence and training.

Target Audience

Some professional roles and positions that can benefit from this certification include:
• Those who have been involved in the business sector and moving to a company dealing in technology and IT services
• Those involved in IT Services Management i.e. Business process owners, network administrators, database administers, programmers, IT support technicians, hardware support specialist, application support specialist, it project manager etc.
• IT consultants
• Mid-level and Senior-level professionals in the IT sector

Training Details

Dates: 18th to 20th July 2018

Duration: 3 days

Cost of Training: {Uganda- UGX 3,224,190 } {Tanzania TZS 1,977,900} exclusive of VAT

Venue: {Tanzania-Arusha} {Uganda-Kampala}

To sign up for this course send us an email or Call Lewis in Uganda {+256 785 136 165} or Francis in Tanzania {+255 755 469 769}

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